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Did you know that most communication between cheaters occurs on a laptop or notebook? Did you know that children using laptops are more likely to chat with suspicious characters (predators?) online over those using desktops? Did you know children using portable notebook computers are more than likely to view porn than those use desktop computers? Now that you do, you should also know that Laptop spyware offers remote or local install laptop spy software for remote spying and administration and viewing (or computer monitoring) through LAN or email in real time for recording all Internet activity, tacking emails, viewing chat conversations and other activity on your PC. Starting today, you can know the truth of what goes on with your laptop. 

monitor your children Is Your Child Being Naughty Online?
Are you worried that your child might be doing naughty things on the Internet? Curious children often perform searches for sexually-explicit content. They think you will never know if they use a laptop to do this. But they are wrong. You can now spy on your kid's laptop with ease.

monitor your spouse Is Your Spouse Having a Cyber Affair?
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Just what are they doing on the Laptop for so long when you aren't around? They clean their tracks to hide it. But they can't hide anymore. You will know the truth today!

monitor your employee Is Your Employee Working or Playing?
Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Your employee(s) may be goofing off when you aren't around. Do they play games or chat when they are supposed to be working? Are employees trading company secrets when they travel abroad with their notebook? Now you can know the TRUTH.

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